Protecting Large Power Plants From Fire During Construction

Issue 10 and Volume 107.

Protecting Large Power Plants From Fire During Construction Many Temporary Hazards Must Be Covered; Congestion and Combustibles Add to Problem To meet ever increasing power demands TVA, since World War II, has built, or is now building, seven large steam plants. Of the plants, Kingston is the largest in the country, and Shawnee is believed to rank second. Size of the plants is mentioned only as an indication of fire problems met during construction. In addition, TVA has completed several large dams since VJ Day, to strengthen its system of multiplepurpose dams. The continuous TVA-wide fire prevention program was initiated at the beginning of each project, but that was not enough because such construction by its nature is unavoidably hazardous— large scale welding with deluges of sparks; flammable liquid storage and use; millions of dollars of equipment stored in combustible cartons and containers; housekeeping in a booming, widespread construction area;…

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