Issue 12 and Volume 107.

CONTENTS Vol. 107 December 1954 No. 12 With the Editor 1127 By Fred Shepperd Ten Firemen Killed When Chemical Tank Exploded 1128 A Staff Report Hurricane Disasters Show Need for Equipment and Preplanning 1132 Fire Service Promotes 1954 Fire Prevention Week Drive 1135 Telephone vs. Fire Alarm Box 1139 By J. N. Pryce Firemen Avert Conflagration When Lumber Mill Erupts I 140 A Staff Report News of the Manufacturers 1147 False Alarms 1150 The Watch Desk 1152 By Roi 8. Woolley Among the Buffs 1155 By Paul C. Ditzel World-Wide Fire News I 156 By Roi B. Woolley Short Cuts and Gadgets I I 58 Annual Reports Received 1160 BookShelf 1161 The Round Table 1162 Most Fire Departments Do Salvage Work What’s Burning? 1167 Questions and Answers 1172 With Our Readers 1175 Obituaries 1176

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