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Issue 12 and Volume 107.

Book Shelf EMERGENCY FIRST AID AND LIFE SAVING FOR RESUSCITATOR SQUADS—By Carl J. Kistle, Instructor of Fire Training, Bureau of Industrial Education, State Department of Education, Sacramento. Calif., 1954; 88 pages, mimeographed. Price 40c. The manual is the latest publication in the State’s Fire Training Program, directed by Thomas S. W ard, Supervisor of Fire Training. The text opens with a brief history of artificial respiration and briefly covers the entire gamut of resuscitation and artificial respiration, including medical factors involved; mechanical as well as manual resuscitation practices; leading types of mechanical inhalators and resuscitators, and much abbreviated data on the effects of smoke, toxic fumes and gases on the human system, with recommended measures for treating those afflicted. The manual also includes terminology and a bibliography of selected references on resuscitation. THE CLASSIFICATION OF FIRE HAZARDS AND EXTINCTION METHODS. By James D. Birchall. 2nd Edition. Published by Ernest Benn,…

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