Issue 3 and Volume 108.

FALSE ALARMS Intoxicated “Officer, what makes you think this gentleman is intoxicated?” “Well, judge, I didn’t bother him when he staggered down the street, or when he fell flat on his face, but when he put a nickel in the mailbox, looked up at the clock on the tower, and said, ‘My Gawd, I’ve lost fourteen pounds,’ I brought him in.” When the little mink died and went to Heaven St. Peter told him, “We haven’t had any minks up here before, so we don’t know exactly what to do for you. However, you were a good little mink on earth and we want you to be happy, so we will give you anything you like. “Please, St. Peter,” pleaded the little mink, “—could I have a coat made out of chorus girls?” Bright Young Applicant When Irvin S. Cobb was a hardboiled newspaperman in New York many years ago,…

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