Fire Safety Suggestions For Baby Sitters (and Parents)

Issue 3 and Volume 108.

Fire Safety Suggestions For Baby Sitters (and Parents) Of the 12,000 persons who lose their lines annually in this country and Canada, it is said fully 4,000 are children. Half that number, reports indicate, are in the age group of 5 years old or less— the period when they are powerless to help themselves in the event of fire. Children of this age, and all youngsters who are unable to think and act for themselves, should never be left unattended. But before entrusting their children to baby sitters, parents should know something about those to whom they entrust their offspring, and also they as well as the sitters, should be familiar with the more important fire safety considerations. Parents should know the sitter, his or her family training and background. Only those sitters should be employed who have a sense of responsibility and who like children, and who preferably live…

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