With the Editor

Issue 6 and Volume 108.

With the Editor Another Killer Fire is one of the nation’s most tireless and persistent grim reapers. And down the years its horrible harvests have grown more lush as man has invented new products and processes that provided tools for the “reaping.” One of the latest such developments is the gasoline-powered lawn mower. On the surface, it is doubtful if any purchaser or user of such a device ever connected it with the hazard of fire. Yet, although in itself, the powered machine is as safe as most other portable gasolineoperated implements, its by-product invites catastrophe. We refer, of course, to the flammable fuel with which it is powered. Certainly this fact never occurred to the father of a three-year-old boy, in Los Angeles, when he brought his power-mower into his home. Nor did it occur to him that death and destruction lurked in the small can of gasoline which…

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