Runaway Truck Spreads Death and Destruction

Issue 7 and Volume 108.

Runaway Truck Spreads Death and Destruction San Francisco fire fighters, who are used to operating on steep grades, fought one of their weirdest fires on May 27 last, when a runaway 15-ton furniture van juggernauted down the five steepest blocks of Clay Street, killing seven persons, including a policeman, and injuring a number of others. It was San Francisco’s worst traffic disaster. Included in the list of dead was the driver of the trailer van who wrestled frantically but unsuccessfully with the big vehicle to maneuver it through crowded, steep Clay street.. The trouble began as the truck crossed Jones Street and started down Clay on the long decline that ends in the financial district. At that point, the driver. William R. McCandless, lost control when his air brakes failed. With him was Wayne de Wolf, his helper. Both were unable to stop the heavy vehicle, which gathered speed as…

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