New Fire Film by Britannica

Issue 7 and Volume 108.

New Fire Film by Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica Films, Inc., has announced the release of a new educational film “The Fireman.” The 16mm motion picture, authored by James A. Brill, and produced by Milan Herzog, in collaboration with Ernest Horn, Ph.D. (State University of Iowa), documents a day in the life of a young fireman. The all-color film brings to the screen vividly the exciting and dangerous occupation of fighting fires. Beginning with a routine inspection of men and equipment, in the local fire station of a large city, the 11-minute motion picture describes modern training methods, and practice sessions that keep fire fighters alert and always ready for any emergency. “The Fireman” continues its film documentary by showing just how a fire is covered from the ringing of the alarm to the extinguishment of the last flame by fire streams. The new educational film contains some unusual action highlights—a dramatic…

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