World Wide Fire News

Issue 7 and Volume 108.

World Wide Fire News Racing Car Explodes in Crowd—79 Dead At last accounts, as this is written two days after the tragedy. 79 persons were dead, and 7 others were still hospitalized in what is said to be automobile racing’s worst disaster. Of the injured, eight were in critical condition. Scores of others suffered injuries but were not hospitalized. The death and destruction occurred when a Mercedes sports car driven by Pierre Levegh of France exploded “like a magnesium bomb” after tangling with two other racers. The Mercedes reportedly was traveling at about 125 miles an hour, its driver trying to win the classical Le Mans endurance race. The collision spun the low slung car into the embankment, only a short distance from the grandstand. The embankment held the car’s body, built of magnesium, while the heavier parts tore loose and shot through the crowd of tightly packed spectators, at…

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