Huge Fire Station Program for Los Angeles

Issue 8 and Volume 108.

Huge Fire Station Program for Los Angeles The combined efforts of Los Angeles, Calif., firemen, who campaigned on their off-duty time, was credited with bringing about the passage of a $4,000,000 bond issue for 34 new stations and facilities over a six-year period. The issue passed by a 6-to-l majority at an off-year political election on May 31st, 1955. Nearly half of the proposed new stations will be constructed in the rapidly-growing San Fernando Valley area of the city with most of the others slated for other sections where rapid growth has outgrown fire defenses, said Chief Engineer John H. Alderson. The firemen, on their own time spoke before PTA, business and service groups on behalf of the program. Moreover, they organized a door-to-door campaign, stressing the city’s economic interest in maintaining Los Angeles’ present Class 1 fire department rating. The members also pooled their resources and bought automobile bumper…

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