Radiological Hazards

Issue 9 and Volume 108.

Radiological Hazards The International Association of Fire Chiefs, New York City, recently announced publication of its newly-revised study, “Radiation and Monitoring Fundamentals for the Fire Service.” When originally issued in 1952, this report was used by more than 20,000 fire departments in the United States and Canada and by many other organizations for the study of defense against atomic warfare. In revising the original text, the I.A.F.C. has brought the problem of radiological hazards into their proper perspective, particularly in view of the importance of radioactive fall-out as disclosed by recent H-bomb tests in the Pacific, where in one instance contamination covered a 7,000 square mile area. Both the original and revised texts were written by I.A.F.C.’s Committee on Radiological Hazards in Fire Fighting under the chairmanship of Mathew M. Braidech, who is Research Director of the National Board of Fire Underwriters. The committee is made up of technically trained…

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