Drillmaster Goes Afield to Learn

Issue 9 and Volume 108.

Drillmaster Goes Afield to Learn There is little excuse nowadays for a fire chief not being able to satisfy the thirst for knowledge. In the New York metropolitan area, one such source is the New York Fire Department. As the largest fire department in the world, and the busiest, it is to be expected that its officers and men should possess a knowledge of practical fire fighting second to none. It isn’t generally known that, busy as it is, the department frequently makes its facilities available to fire officers of neighboring areas. There is seldom a class at the Officers’ School, for example, that does not include fire officers from near and far who have come to see and to learn from the men who have gained their experience in fire suppression the hard way. These visiting students include volunteer as well as professional, paid firemen. One of the fire…

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