Fire Truck Takes Off Alone

Issue 9 and Volume 108.

Fire Truck Takes Off Alone When the alarm sounded in the Cooksville, Ont., Fire Station recently, the town’s fire truck started off on its own just like the old fire horse used to. Several of the firemen were out in front of the fire hall. The fire phone rang, and at the same time the motor of the truck started up. The truck was in gear, and it ran forward, smashing the overhead door which was closed, and headed out into the street. Asst. Chief Jerry Sproule and Fireman Fred Deinhart were out in front, and jumped on the truck and stopped it before it reached No. 5 Highway. It appears there was a “short” in the starter circuit. The fire alarm was a false one. Chief Jack Braithwaite had the boys repair the door and all is well now.

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