Mutual Aid, Texas Style

Issue 9 and Volume 108.

Mutual Aid, Texas Style TWO disastrous fires and a cold war have brought new meaning to the term “mutual aid” in North Texas. The first fire, following a dust explosion in a rural grain elevator, resulted in heavy loss and proved the helplessness of a small community fire department to overcome a major blaze without outside help. It also demonstrated how little fire protection was available to the rural communities in the county surrounding the city of Fort Worth, and the need for channeling this protection into a readily available mutual aid pool. When the second big fire occurred— this time a fireworks factory which was disintegrated with a huge explosion that scattered flaming debris for hundreds of yards—the volunteer fire fighters were ready. Within minutes, 14 volunteer departments swung into action, 175 firemen using 18 pieces of equipment. For six hours they fought and extinguished 67 separate blazes kindled…

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