Personnel Cuts Protested

Issue 9 and Volume 108.

Personnel Cuts Protested Fire Chief Sidney F. Lawson, of Montpelier, Vt., protested vigorously an economy measure, so called, of this city council, which would force him to remove a fire inspector and further deplete his already understaffed force. In his efforts he was backed by some 476 citizens who signed a petition protesting the move. Despite the objections, the city council was adamant although it voted a delay of one month to permit a reexamination of the need of a full-time inspector, and to reopen a study of an injury that partially disabled the inspector due for dismissal, a few years ago. Presentation of the petition was but one feature of the debate on the fire department issue, which was waged in the council. Supporters of the protest and petition pointed out that much commercial property in the city is in very poor condition, with many fire traps; a condition…

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