Oil Refineries Hazardous But Show Good Fire Record

Issue 9 and Volume 108.

Oil Refineries Hazardous But Show Good Fire Record Municipal and Plant Fire Fighters Meet New Problems with Improved Methods A STAFF REPORT Editor’s Note: Oil refineries are usually huge affairs, which may cover several square miles, with numerous steel towers, gleaming metal spheres and labyrinths of pipe. To the average fireman, they are a maze of mysteries. To those fire fighters, industrial and municipal, whose duty it is to protect these vast and vital installations, they present never-ending problems in fire safety and defense. These problems are echoed in the protection of kindred installations, such as oil storages, tank farms, loading and unloading areas, and the various processing plants which convert refined oil into the thousand and one products that find their way into home, office and factory throughout the nation. No single study of the brevity of the accompanying could hope to tell the entire story of the fire…

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