World Wide Fire News

Issue 10 and Volume 108.

World Wide Fire News This Has an Old Familiar Sound From the August, 1955, “Fire” we read a sound-off by “Monitor” which just goes to show that our British Cousins of the Fire Service have much the same sort of headaches as do we of this country. Says Monitor: “Last month I referred to the ‘Fireproof’ shopkeepers of Hunstanton, who objected to the weekly testing of the fire siren because it interfered with trade. “I award this month’s putty medal to Ipswich. “There, 90 residents objected to the building of a fire station ‘in a select part’ because their amenities would be destroyed by the clanging of bells and the appearance of fire engine red among their neat little villas. “Perhaps, when they have fires, they ask crews to use the neat little tradesmen’s entrances?” Paris Explosion Victim Has Queer Injury Last August there was an explosion in a Paris,…

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