Issue 11 and Volume 108.

IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 108 November, 1955 No. 11 Page With the Editor 1077 By Roi B. Woolley Volunteers Do Yeoman Service at Connecticut Floods 1078 A Special Report to FIRE ENGINEERING Extinguishing Magnesium Fires 1082 By Calvin H. Yuill Driver Training and Safety Education in Fire Departments 1084 By Lieutenant Thomas D. Ryan Overhaul and Salvage in Theory and Practice 1088 By Roi B. Woolley False Alarms 1100 The Round Table 1102 Licensing Oil Burner Installation Mechanics Among the Buffs 1110 What’s Burning? 1111 World-Wide Fire News 1113 Questions and Answers 1114 Obituaries 1117 Persons in the News 1119 News of the Manufacturers 1126 The Watch Desk 1134 By Roi B. Woolley Short Cuts and Gadgets 1136 Practicing Physician Speaks Up in Defence of Fire Buff 1138

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