Overhaul and Salvage in Theory and Practice

Issue 11 and Volume 108.

Overhaul and Salvage in Theory and Practice Part VIII. — The ‘Tools’ of Salvage. . . . The ‘Cover’ or ‘Tarp’, . . . Is There Room for Improvement in Facilities? . . . Recent Developments Editor’s Note: Previous installments of this series have covered all the preliminaries of the need for salvage; its history and development in the American and British Fire Service; its emergence from a fire insurance to a fire service facility and responsibility; the need for pre-fire salvage planning, and the importance of inspections as a prerequisite for better salvage operations. In this Chapter the author gets down to the practical phases of salvage operations, beginning with the study of equipment and that prime requisite salvage tool, the salvage cover, or tarpaulin. Subsequent installments will further develop the varied and diversified mechanics of modern salvage practice. It should be said here that some of the observations…

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