Issue 11 and Volume 108.

FALSE ALARMS Reflections A backwoods mountaineer found a mirror which a tourist had lost. “Well, if it ain’t my old pappy,” he said as he looked in the mirror. “I never knowed he had his picture took.” He took the mirror home and sneaked it up into the attic to hide it. But his actions did not escape his suspicious wife. That night while he slept she slipped up to the attic and found the mirror. “Hum-um,” she exclaimed, looking into it, “So that’s the old hag he’s been a-chasin!” Perseverance A fellow went to a picnic all by himself. But he was lucky, for when he got there he met a girl, also unattached, who had a shoe box full of lunch. They had some sandwiches and eggs and then rowed out on the lake. In the evening when the picnic was over, he offered to take her home.…

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