Milwaukee Revises Job Penalties

Issue 6 and Volume 109.

Milwaukee Revises Job Penalties In January the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission moderated the suspensions given two Milwaukee fire fighters by Chief Edward Wischer for working other jobs on off-days. The men appealed the suspensions of 90 days and 30 days respectively after Chief Wischer had checked income tax returns of firemen in 1954, but the suspensions were held up pending the appeal of one of the men to the courts questioning the validity of the city ordinance which banned firemen from holding outside jobs. The State Supreme Court, late in 1955, upheld the ordinance, as noted in FIRE ENGINEERING of December, 1955, and Chief Wischer then imposed the suspensions which began in January. More than 100 persons attended the hearings on January 26 which resulted in the halving of the men’s suspensions. It was disclosed that one of the men, who had five children, had earned $5,846.76 working part-time…

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