the round table

Issue 6 and Volume 109.

the round table discussion of current fire department and fire management problems Calling Off-Duty Firemen THIS MONTH we publish the first installment of replies received from representative fire chiefs concerning the important subject of calling back off-duty fire fighters, and their utilization along with reserve apparatus, in time of emergency. Five pertinent questions were asked having to do with the method of calling off-shift personnel, the relative success of the methods employed; suggestions for improving such response; the question of additional compensation for such emergency duty, and how off-duty personnel are used, with spare apparatus, as a reserve. The replies thus far clearly indicate the fire chief’s concern over the question of reserves of personnel and equipment. They indicate that the telephone is the method most relied upon for summoning off-shift men. Some sort of public signal, either whistle, siren or bell, or a combination, is also employed. Radio, both…

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