Issue 6 and Volume 109.

WHAT’S NEW Among the Manufacturers products processes personalities New Transistorized Dynamic Mike and Speaker-Mike Motorola has announced the first transistorized dynamic microphone for mobile radio applications. The microphone features a rugged specially designed dynamic element employed in conjunction with a built-in transistor preamplifier. The transistor preamplifier, an integral part of the microphone, eliminates the need for a preamplification at the transmitter. This technique overcomes the noise pickup problem inherent in mobile installations. Currently offered as a replacement item or an optional accessory with Motorola equipment, the palm-size device is directly interchangeable with Motorola carbon microphones now in use. The new development is also available as a dual purpose dynamic “speakermike” which functions both as a full-output communications-type loudspeaker as well as a dynamic microphone. It can be conveniently mounted or held near the operator’s ear to overcome high ambient noise. The dynamic speaker-microphone is the same size as the dynamic…

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