Among the Buffs

Issue 7 and Volume 109.

Among the Buffs DEPARTMENTS LAST MONTH we described a unique mutual aid operation by two Baltimore fire fan clubs and now Doc Levin, the Sage of San Francisco’s Phoenix Society, steps forward to report an interesting parallel. Phoenixite Joe Connell, erstwhile art patron, scholar and baseball fan was watching a ball game on television one quiet Sunday afternoon recently across the pond in Oakland, which to most San Franciscoans is a nasty word. Suddenly the cameras switched from the diamond to a rip-snorting four-bagger not far away. Joe immediately tipped off Oakland’s Buff Bryan Thompson by telephone and Bryan was off to the blaze in a swirl of cinders. Speaking of our intrepid buffs brings to mind one J. Jay (Shorty) Wright without whom no Buffalo, New York, fire would be complete. Shorty recently was the star of a well-written profile by Dick Hirseh in the Buffalo Courier-Express. I well…

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