Perth Amboy “Isotope Fire” Starts Chain-Reaction

Issue 8 and Volume 109.

Perth Amboy “Isotope Fire” Starts Chain-Reaction On April 15, 1956, Perth Amboy, J., firemen under Chief Joseph Breyta answered an alarm of fire from a linoleum plant which turned out to be a good “worker” in this heavily industrialized area. Three engine and two ladder companies responded to control the fire. One Woodbridge, N. J., engine and the local Shell Oil Co.’s foam unit answered a standby call but neither was used. The stubborn fire resulted when asphalt heating vats overflowed and spread the flaming material through the plant. After four hours of hard fighting the blaze was declared out; the damage amounted to approximately $150,000. One fireman was treated for smoke inhalation and another was given first aid for an abrasion to his knee. One pumper received 82,500 damage and several lengths of hose were destroyed during the action by the molten asphalt. To all appearances, the report of…

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