short cuts and gadgets

Issue 9 and Volume 109.

short cuts and gadgets DEPARTMENTS Marking the Route to the Fire Robert C. Burgess of Canaseraga, N. Y., suggests a novel method of indicating the route taken by a fire truck for the guidance of volunteers who may be following the rig in their cars. As Mr. Burgess puts it, “Sometimes when responding to an alarm, we come to a fork in the road and the delay caused by taking a wrong turn may have serious results.” Here is his prescription: Take an ordinary wax paper sandwich bag and put about an ounce of Prang powdered Tempra in it. Fold to form a two-inch square and staple the ends. A supply of these packets can be carried in the glove compartment of the truck and one thrown to the pavement or road just after a turn is made. The splash of color on the highway gives immediate identification of the…

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