Issue 9 and Volume 109.

FALSE ALARMS DEPARTMENTS Better Luck Next Time The feature act in the Limehouse Music Hall in dear ol’ Lunnon was a man knife thrower and his very homely wife. At the high point of his act, the knife tosser stood his “other half’ against a big board with her arms outstretched and a frightened look on her face. Then he backed fifteen paces, picked a wicked looking knife off a table, turned, raised his arm and let fly at the target. The knife thudded into the backstop, a whisker from her ear. Up in the gallery a shrill cockney voice piped out, “My Gord, ’e missed ’er!” Solicitous! It was to be his first child. The young father-to-be hurried his wife to the hospital, registered her in the maternity ward and asked anxiously, “Dearest, are you positive that you want to go through with this?” Reporter: “I’ve got a perfect…

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