Issue 10 and Volume 109.

PROGRESS—HOW FAR AND HOW FAST? FEATURES Progress is a relative term. One can progress forward —or backward. As our readers can see, this IAFC Conference Issue is an accounting of progress in the fire service. Most of it, happily, is forward progress. But there is a bit of “view with alarm” also, for the self-complacent. The fact is, fire loss records are still written in red. The race between catastrophic losses of life and property on the one hand, and the efforts of the fire service to reverse present loss trends is a nip-and-tuck affair. On the encouraging side of the ledger, we have more fire departments, public and private, than ever before, and scores are being added yearly. We have more specialists engaged in fire protection and prevention than ever in our history. Our mechanical and scientific facilities for detecting, reporting and extinguishing fire are improving in number and…

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