New Canadian Stamp Promotes Fire Prevention

Issue 10 and Volume 109.

New Canadian Stamp Promotes Fire Prevention The Canadian Government of October 9, 1956, issued the world’s first postage stamp to promote fire prevention. Its issuance was part of the Canadian Fire Safety publicity campaign waged during Fire Prevention Week, October 7-13. The date marks the anniversary of the famous Chicago Fire which later became the inspiration for Fire Prevention week in the United States and Canada. A stamp was first proposed several years ago by the Association of Canadian Fire Marshals, supported by the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs and other Dominion fire service organizations. The finally selected design is a striking looking stamp in black and red, with the slogan in English and French: “Prevent Fires.” It is a five-cent denomination, the regular letter rate for Canada for both surface and air mail. This is said to be only the third time in 20 years that the Canadian Government…

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