Passaic Firemen Reluctant to Drive Apparatus

Issue 10 and Volume 109.

Passaic Firemen Reluctant to Drive Apparatus Because of legal complications arising from an accident involving a fire truck and a chief’s car in December 1955, firemen of the Passaic, N. J., Department have expressed their reluctance to drive the city vehicles. In a collision with a fire truck driven by Lieutenant Emil Stefanacci, Deputy Chief John V. Doremus and his driver, Edmund C. Hutchinson, lost their lives while responding to an alarm. The insurance company which carries the city’s insurance has denied liability, claiming that its policy with the city does not cover instances where all persons involved are city employees. When firemen learned of the insurance company’s position, they voiced their reluctance to drive city-owned vehicles to the officers of the Firemen’s Mutual Benefit Association. As a result of this position by the insurance carrier, Lieutenant Stefanacci filed suit through his attorney against the city and the estates of…

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