What Progress in Fire Service Communications?

Issue 10 and Volume 109.

What Progress in Fire Service Communications? FEATURES National expansion in every field is multiplying fire hazards and increasing demands on the nation’s fire services. How are we measuring up to these demands? What part does communications play in the picture? THE PHRASE “WORLD WAR II” may be shopworn by now, but it will suffice as a yardstick to define the end of one period and the beginning of a new and possibly momentous era in the nation’s fire service communications. The postwar years have witnessed vast economic expansion in all fields and endeavors. With it has come increasing demands upon the country’s fire protection forces. Notwithstanding marked technological and other progress in the science and profession of fire suppression, the number of fires and of severe, largeloss fires and the total losses of life and property by devastating fire all continue to mount. This is in the face of the…

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