the round table

Issue 10 and Volume 109.

the round table DEPARTMENTS discussion of current fire department and fire management problems Curbing the Inquisitive Spectator at Fires and Other Emergencies FEW FIRE CHIEFS have not had to face the problem of coping with crowds of inquisitive spectators at fires and other emergencies. In many cases, serious interference with the operation of the fire department has resulted from these crowds. Later-called companies have been badly delayed in getting to the fire as a result of traffic jams mound the fire area. Even dining an emergency, the fire department has had to give consideration to public safety and has often had to sacrifice precious moments to prevent injury to bystanders. The broadcasting and televising of fires and other emergencies has tended to increase the number of sight-seers, and even though the cooperation of the broadcasting stations has been asked, and given in the effort to induce the public to stay…

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