Canadian Chiefs Urge Fire Prevention Education

Issue 11 and Volume 109.

Canadian Chiefs Urge Fire Prevention Education In his message to the Forty-Eighth Conference of the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs in Vancouver, B. C., September 10-13, I. A. F. C. president, Chief William Fitzgerald urged upon the 350 delegates present that basing promotions in the fire service on seniority alone is not as satisfactory as considering achievements and intelligence under a promotional examination system. “Satisfactory performance over a number of years is no guarantee a man is suitable for a higher position,” he pointed out. Chief Fitzgerald was chairman of the I. A. F. C. committee which researched firemen’s compensation several years ago. The conference, of which Chief Hugh Bird of Vancouver was host chief (and at which he was elected president of the Association) heard that Canada’s fire losses are the highest, per capita in the world. The two largest causes of fire, it was disclosed, are smoking in…

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