Raw Deal in the Firehouse

Issue 11 and Volume 109.

Raw Deal in the Firehouse “No firemen were just sitting around, wasting time playing cribbage, taking a hand at pinochle or watching television as they do in nearly all of the 2,500 American communities with paid or part-paid fire departments.” That is the way you men of the fire service are catalogued and castigated in the publication said to have the largest distribution of any magazine in the world, the Reader’s Digest, of October 1956. That is the word-picture over 32 million people, all of them dependent upon you, their protectors against deadly, destructive fire, will have when they read the article by Karl Detzer, “A New Deal in the Old Firehouse.” The story ardently advocates integration of fire and police forces in American municipalities, particularly those under 50,000 population. It holds up the City of Oak Park, Mich., as a shining example of this “new deal.” To those who…

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