short cuts and gadgets

Issue 11 and Volume 109.

short cuts and gadgets Vise Assures Square Edges for Recoupling When the clamp of this hose vise is tightened by means of the wing nut, a smooth square edge can be cut on fire hose for recoupling. The makers of this tool, Captain Don Proto, Fireman LaMont Kehoe and Volunteer Fireman John Halloran of the Hastings, Neb., Fire Department, claim that if the clamp is tight it will help prevent unraveling of the jacket. A piece of angle iron approximately 10 inches long is squared and welded at a right angle with the clamp which is constructed of bar stock. The movable jaw is of bar stock bolted to the assembly. The gadget should be mounted at the edge of the work bench with screws countersunk into the angle iron to allow the hose to lie square. Rogues Gallery Fire Chief Wayne E. Swanson of Rockford, I11., discovered that many…

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