Issue 11 and Volume 109.

THE WATCH DESK overhauling the firemanic news of the day Prof Burns Up the Road! Down Dallas way, some motorists honked, others yelled, waved and pointed. Nearly everyone pulled off the road when they met Prof. E. S. Lunsford, an agriculture teacher from Roswell, Ga. Prof. Lunsford, driving through afternoon traffic and pulling a trailer, couldn’t figure why he was attracting so much attention. It wasn’t until a deputy sheriff caught up with him after a three-mile chase that he learned the reason. Flames were bursting out all over from his trailer. The heat had melted the tail light of the Prof’s auto and destroyed the contents of the trailer, including four spare tires, six bags of clothing and two mattresses. “Goodness to gracious” was all that the surprised Prof’ could say. Lightning Can’t Scare This Lad On June 15, 1956 in Ogdensburg, N. Y., lightning struck the home of…

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