Aerial Tankers Help Fight San Bernardino Mountain Fire

Issue 12 and Volume 109.

Aerial Tankers Help Fight San Bernardino Mountain Fire 1,400 men and 200 pieces of equipmenf from 37 cifies and counfies used in record mobilizafion SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA is noted as the home of many of the United States’ aircraft manufacturing plants and much of the area’s economy is based on airplanes. But aircraft, particularly of the jet variety, have been causing grief and expense to firemen throughout the Southern California area in 1956. In August, two Air Force interceptors used rockets while chasing a runaway drone plane and set off a series of blazes (FIRE ENGINEERING, October, 1956). Then another jet crashed into a wooded mountain near San Diego a few weeks later and caused another bad fire. And two California Air National Guard Sabre Jets collided over Mt. Pacifico northeast of Los Angeles and touched off more fires. But the worst mountain fire ever caused by an airplane in the…

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