Unusual Pumper in Laurel, Maryland

Issue 2 and Volume 110.

Unusual Pumper in Laurel, Maryland The Laurel Volunteer Fire Department No. 1, Inc. is an exceptionally well equipped department numbering four pumpers and an aerial ladder among its apparatus. One of the pumpers is unusual in its design and the method of carrying equipment. Built by the American-La France Corporation, it mounts a 750-gpm pump, a 1,000-psi high pressure pump driven by the power take-off and carries a 300-gpm portable pump. Four booster reels carry 1,500 feet of 1-inch hose and in addition, 1,200 feet of 1 1/2 hose and 1,000 feet of 2 1/2-inch hose is carried. All hose not on booster reels is enclosed in compartments. The booster tank carries 600 gallons of water and 50 gallons of wetting agent in a stainless steel tank. The versatility of the apparatus is enhanced by the many complex pumping operations that may be carried on at one time. In addition…

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