FCC Denies Burglar/Fire Alarm Service

Issue 2 and Volume 110.

FCC Denies Burglar/Fire Alarm Service The Federal Communications Commission in October denied petitions by two companies who had proposed to develop radio detection and warning devices in the 152-162 mc band. The systems would automatically transmit radio warning signals to police and fire departments for burglar and fire alarm purposes. The FCC stated, “. . . we are now facing a serious problem in the VHF region of the spectrum in finding the means to meet the growing requirements of the land mobile services, which, by their very nature, must use radio. It does not appear to us to be in the public interest to permit experimentation which would encourage the development of this new type of fixed service in the VHF region of the spectrum.” The Commission further declared, “In the assignment of frequencies, the Commission has followed a general policy of prohibiting domestic fixed operations below 890 mc…

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