Issue 2 and Volume 110.

IN THIS ISSUE FEATURES A Calamity and a Disgrace—An Editorial 127 By Roi B. Woolley Church Fires Show Alarming Increase as New Year Opens 128 Consolidated Police and Fire Departments 132 By William L. Miller Salvage Case Histories—Part XXI of a Series 134 By Roi B. Woolley USAF World-Wide Conference on Fire Protection and Aircraft Rescue 137 Cincinnati Declares War on Hazardous Gas Heaters 138 By Charles W. Gruber Hayward Has Cure for Wayward Growing Pains 140 DEPARTMENTS News of the Manufacturers 148 False Alarms 154 Among the Buffs 156 By Paul C. Ditzel World-Wide Fire News 158 Schools and Conferences 160 What’s Burning? 161 Watch Desk 166 The Round Table 168 Short Cuts and Gadgets 174 Persons in the News 175 Our Readers Write Us 177 Obituaries 185 Questions and Answers 189

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