Conelrad Suggested For Storm Warnings

Issue 2 and Volume 110.

Conelrad Suggested For Storm Warnings A plan involving participation by the Conelrad system of radio broadcasting stations in weather and disaster warnings to the general public has recently been suggested to the FCC by Mr. Ero Erickson, Chairman, Illinois Chapter of Associated Police Communications Officers. Mr. Erickson said the plan had merit, especially in connection with the evacuation of school children to safe places during the tornado season. The same manner of notification for the general public has been discussed with representatives of an electric power company who feel that the announcements during a major power failure would lessen the strain on telephone facilities caused by people calling the power company, police and fire departments about the failure. The APCO official said to effectuate a warning, “It would merely be necessary (for a Conelrad station) to go through the carrier break procedure to be followed by a public service announcement…

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