Issue 2 and Volume 110.

A CALAMITY – AND A DISGRACE FEATURES It is no secret that insurance circles are much concerned over the mounting number of destructive church fires. So, too, are the nation’s clergy—and many of their parishioners, fire fighters included. It was bad enough to record some 4,300 church fires in the year 1955, with losses running into the millions; but the year 1956 was even worse, in number of fires and destructiveness. Now, as this is written, we find the opening chapters of the bright new year besmirched with further red records. True, the religious edifices have always rated high on the fire loss lists; but one would think that with the tragic history of such costly destructiveness before both clergy and fire preventionists, something would have been done about it particularly when that loss history goes back over thirty years. But if anything has been done, the ever-mounting losses seem…

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