Consolidated Fire and Police Departments

Issue 2 and Volume 110.

Consolidated Fire and Police Departments INTEGRATION Few subjects in recent years have been so discussed, and eussed, by the nation’s fire services as that of integration of police and fire forces. Notwithstanding the overwhelming evidence to disprove the claims of greater economy and efficiency in fire protection advanced by proponents of police-fire mergers, certain municipal officials and associations continue to advocate such integration. At the outset, a few years ago, the idea of such consolidation appeared so preposterous that for the most part, the nation’s fire services paid little if any, attention to the theories advanced by those promoting the idea. It was but a passing fancy they believed, and would die the painless death as did a similar proposal introduced nearly a generation ago. However, the increasing pressure upon fire protection officials by municipal authorities — city managers and engineers, in particular—and the publicity—much of it distorted—given the few…

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