Foam-Filled Hose for Confining Spilled Oil at Ports

Issue 3 and Volume 110.

Foam-Filled Hose for Confining Spilled Oil at Ports FEATURES WITH THE INCREASING QUANTITIES of oil being loaded or unloaded at ports or in harbor basins, the risk of spilled oil from leakages spreading from the immediate vicinity of loading or discharge operations has also been correspondingly increased — with consequent increase in the hazards of fire. Such risks have emphasized the necessity for some arrangement which would prevent this from occurring and which would make possible the “lacing-up” or confining of the oil so as to facilitate its being sucked up by pumps or injectors. So far, such appliances have often taken the form of a series of connected floating timbers or long plate booms which are towed out to the spot where the oil has been spilled. In the United States, cork-filled hoses of asbestos fabric are being used. These hoses are stored in disconnected 30 m (about 100…

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