Freak Weather a Boon

Issue 4 and Volume 110.

Freak Weather a Boon A freak snowstorm and icy weather helped avert a major disaster in the Newhall area north of Los Angeles January 28 when an 8-inch oil pipeline broke spilling 22,500 gallons of highly volatile oil over eight square blocks. Officials of the General Petroleum Co. raised the alarm at 6:10 p.m. when instruments detected the break in the line between the Newhall pumping station and the plant in Vernon. Four Los Angeles County Fire Department companies under Battalion Chief Paul Clark sped to the scene, along with company workers and deputy sheriffs. Fifty homes were temporarily evacuated as the oil spread rapidly toward a nearby Standard Oil Co. high octane distributing station. Hose lines were used to wash down streets and sand was also spread. Chief Clark said that if the weather had not been near freezing, any small spark could have ignited the entire lake of…

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