short cuts and gadgets

Issue 5 and Volume 110.

short cuts and gadgets DEPARTMENTS Coffee Kit for Auburn, N. YFiremen On a cold winter evening in Auburn, N. Y., Karl A. Adams, an insurance agent, was a spectator at a “worker” in that city. Being a buff at heart, he noted firemen handicapped by heavy gloves, grappling futilely with coffee-filled paper cups as they took a break from their punishing duties. Resolving to do something about this condition he and his son, Charles, designed and presented to the Auburn Fire Department a coffee kit. Nesting compactly in a wooden case with a drop-leaf front are two 1-gallon thermos jugs with spouts, 36 white enameled cups with special large handles, 36 spoons, special sugar and creamer and a swivel-head electric lantern. The thermos jugs are fibre glass insulated and have unbreakable aluminum liners. The sugar container is a widemouth thermos jug which can also be used for liquids. The creamer…

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