Issue 5 and Volume 110.

THE WATCH DESK DEPARTMENTS overhauling the firemanic news of the day Smog Forbids Hollywood Fires! In making “City of Flames” for an upcoming 20th Century-Fox Hour, Producer Sam Marx used the famous fire footage from the 1938 Ty Power—Alice Faye movie “In Old Chicago.” “That fire,” he was told, “cost $2 million and you couldn’t duplicate it now for five.” “Worse than that,” Marx pointed out, “you couldn’t even burn Chicago in Hollywood today—the smog control people wouldn’t allow it.” —TV Guide Flat Tire From Oakland, Calif., comes this tale of trouble piled on trouble—all from a little old flat tire. Seems one Edgar Ellis stopped to fix a flat on the Eastshore Freeway on March 28. If you know the Eastshore Freeway you can better understand wha hoppen. Another motorist stopped to offer aid to Edgar. And another. A fourth motorist hit the third, then careened across the dividing…

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