Issue 6 and Volume 110.

IN THIS ISSUE Modernization—Mechanization—Automation—An Editorial 551 By Roi B. Woolley Fire Department Ambulance Services Are Rolling to New Records in Efficiency 528 Coordination Sparks Celebrated Rescue of Long Island Lad 532 New Jersey Hotel Fires Spur Arson Hunt 533 Heads Win—Lungs Lose 534 By John B. Dunne Saga of the Steamer 536 By Clarence E. Meek Navy-Civilian Cooperation Features “Operation 95” at Great Lakes …. 540 By Rod A. Porter East Coast Forest Fires Wreak Spring Havoc. 544 Removability. . .Combustibility. . . Damageability Part XXIV (continued) of a series. 546 DEPARTMENTS Manufacturers’ News 551 False Alarms 556 The Watch Desk 564 Among the Buffs 566 Persons in the News 568 Coming Events 572 Questions and Answers 573 Fire Colleges 575 What’s Burning? 579 The Round Table 582 Short Cuts and Gadgets 586 World-Wide Fire News 587

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