Fireman Fails in Bank Holdup

Issue 6 and Volume 110.

Fireman Fails in Bank Holdup A debt-harassed Gastonia, N. C., fireman botched an amateurish holdup attempt on the Huntersville branch of the Bank of Cornelius on May 8. He was arrested within an hour after his failure. Joseph L. Waters is said to have entered the bank wearing green coveralls and sun glasses. He is alleged to have told the teller to give him the money in the teller’s booth and threatened to shoot the teller if the order was not obeyed. When the teller stalled, Waters ran out the door. A clerk noticed him leaving the bank and wrote down the license number of the car in which he left the scene. Fireman Waters was arrested when he arrived at his home. He was arraigned and released on $10,000 bail. Gastonia Fire Chief John Farris said he was “sick” at the news. The chief said that Waters, a 15-year…

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