Dissension at Oak Park

Issue 6 and Volume 110.

Dissension at Oak Park According to press reports dissension is brewing in the Oak Park, Mich., Public Safety Department. A five-man committee of public safety officers has announced that it is demanding pay increases, shorter working hours, longer vacations and other benefits. Spokesmen for the committee said that if these conditions are not met then they will demand that the city abolish its integrated force and revert to separate police and fire departments. The men said that much of the dissension is being caused by “general dissatisfaction with the system.” Other causes cited included: That the city has failed to fulfill a promise to bring officers “up to or higher” than any city in the Detroit area if they agreed to integration; that pay raises are given on the basis of the number of tickets issued, the officers appearance and the number of arrests made; that only 19 of the…

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